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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 10-20-2004 at 7:44pm
Current mood: bored
Ahh...I haven't updated for awhile. I guess i'll tell you bout my week.
Sunday-Went to Church in the morning then Cody came over...watched Love actually n got pizza.
Monday-Was a JV game...we tied with Southern 6-6. Awesome game =]
Tuesday-Didn't do much of anything but go to school. So exciting! Then I hadta stay after with Mrs.Matheny <~ that was sooooo fun, let me tell ya! But at least I have a C in there now.
Today-Cody came over at 7:45 to bring me some money for school shirts. School=Boring, as usual. Something took place in 3rd period that I think we all may get in trouble for...and other things took place. Eh. Let's not go into that. Anyways, Mom and Dad went to town today and got me some new hot pink PJ pants with Eeyore on em and some hot pink sheets for my bed. They're perdi. =] Oh yes, my mommy got a job <~ I need one of those here ina few months, lol. Anyways, she starts at Target sometime in November =] They got Jazzie a squeaky lil ball and she won't shut up with it. It's VERY loud...
Oh yes, the penny war is gettin serious. We've got something in the works though...! Tommorow I might go do sumthin with Cody, then Friday, I may go to a football game n out to eat with Sarah, Ben, Alan, Jonathan & Trent. Not totally sure bout the people. Hmm, well i'm gonna go now, talk to ya'll later!!! Bye*
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