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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 10-20-2004 at 9:26pm
Current mood: fine/bit tired
Music: Your right, everything else in my life just might be wrong your wrong all the timeeeee some- I don't
Well, Mr. Elf or Lurch just left again. I got in trouble at school again.. twice. Once for hitting BJ on the forehead and another for sleeping in Boi... stupid osborne.. He has this stick and he hit the heater and it was loud.. and then hit underneath my desk. .. But yeah. I was like 'just write me up so I can go talk to mr givens..' and he didn't, he gave me this paper that said 'when i want to be rude, i will raise my little hand and wait on the nice teacher to call on me before i do anything rude'.. and I had to write that fifteen times. -_- better then listening to him. I enjoyed it.
After school Javi and I just stood in the hallway and everyone left so I just sat down in this little disply window thing without glass that is like a sunk in bench and he sat and we stayed there till like 4:37 untill my mom came and got me worried as hell. Lol it was just so much fun though. Just sitting there and others came and we just talked and chilled and everyone said we was hooking up and blah blah. I asked him if I would see him tonight and he asked me if I wanted to see him then yes and what time. He made me choose... I said seven. So I go home with mom who is pissed, I knew I should of called. Got grounded for this week end break shit and got pissed and we all talked and.. I learned how young and childish I've been once again! I was even crying. .. But.. I live in this house, I don't just stay here... I should help out around here... and mom keeps making me come in at 11 and I was like, 'boo hoo I get my self up i take myself to school i keep A's and I do everyting myself, you don't think I know when i need to come in and sleep?' and.. then I realized, I should respect them and come in side so it doesn't look bad... or disturb them.. But yeah. Cryed and.. just.. damn I've been so spoiled. If I'm going to be more then 30 minutes late, call. And if I go anywhere, ask and tell.. so yeah. I know my rules. ... so I was pissed.. and when Javi came mom said I had five minutes and I had a cigerate and was all ready to just light it infront of him, hand it to him and said he had to leave lol but mom pulled me in the house and said she'd give me another chance and he could stay, but only till 9. So.. I lite it up and handed it to him.. and then put it out before he was finished because smoke was getting in my face ^^. It got dark and we just was messing with each other, tickling.. and we walked and.. I tried to trip him and ended up popping my knee really bad and it hurts lol But I got him down and sat on him... umm.. not sure what I sat on though >_>' .. kinda didn't want to know.. ... but yeah.. we just chilled and talked.. his last name is different from christains.. and.. so is his retarded brothers.. he said his mother won't tell them why, she just wanted it that way they said. ..
Javi's getting in a fight tomorrow.. him and a couple of other guys... they are beating up these goths that socked punched them at a party in Bulldog town. They are doing this around 7:30 tomorrow night at a football game.. how great.
But yeah, .. went in the backyard a bit later and sat down and i was all rubbing his head and shit.. his head with eyes and ears and a mouth and nose.. that head. .. yeah. I made him move his chair infront of me and he had his head rested on my shoulder while i played with his hair.... but yeah. mom came out yelling it was time for him to go so..we went in the front and.. i was just standing there and he's too shy to hug.. he wanted to i think but didn't.. ha ha. He lets me do what i want with him.. but yeah.. have to make it short because mom wants me to rub here and i kinda hafta. Javi walked back down the street when I had to go outside to lock the gate.. he said I could just call him tomorrow since I couldnt make up my mind when i wanted him to come over and i said I wouldn't come over.. so.. .. i have his number... yep..
I dunno.. he is young.. shy.. tall.. 6'3... his lashes go down not out.. cute... big eyebrows.. ... ::sighs:: he ain't dreamy.. but.. hell.... I don't want a kiddy relationship and.. I've realized brook is full of shit and he stinks. He don't give a shit, he might, but he ain't mature enough to be putting me first so i din't really mean that much to him. Javi.. I want physical contact but.. I just.. i dont' want to screw things up with him and me but damn I mean 2nd day i was already touching him and now what day four or five and .. just.. gah.. what am i comming off as?

... I've already screwed things up i'm sure i've been meaning to talk to him.. but i'm tired off my ass, my knee hurts, i have to rub mom, i'm hungry and ... i need a shower and bed!

today we also, mom and me, counted my piggy bank money.. coins coins coins.. %54, wow... we are starting me a savings account tomorrow supposidly.
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