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blacktears844 (profile) wrote,
on 10-22-2004 at 5:35am
Music: All My Life - Kci & Jojo UGHAH
Subject: Alllllll myyy liiifeeee
Well, last day of school for the week. I don't see why I always expect something big to happen when someone pays attention to me. =/
Because it never does.
I've been listening to those stupid sappy K-Ci & Jojo songs for the past three days, it's been giving me strange dreams. Last night for example, I was cleaning chalkboards after school at my old elementary school and when I missed a spot the principal poked my eye out with chalk.
I got two books last night at Waldenbooks. I even forget what they're called, and I'm reading one.
We get our ears and eyes checked at school today which makes me feel about five. The ear test is going to be hard considering my EAR WILL NOT POP. It hasn't for the past two days. I've tried yawning, that strange jaw trick, popping them the old way, I've even tried poking my ear.

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