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rere12389 (profile) wrote,
on 10-22-2004 at 7:31pm
Subject: venting...
ok so i had a really really awesomely bad day today. first of all i was super tired and that never helps anything. then i had a big test in civics which i didn't study for. ummm lets see, i almost died in french today and got yelled at for it. then i came home and had to clean and watch Josh at the same time. once my mom got home he wouldn't stop screaming until she picked him up and she wouldn't so he just kept on screaming. then jonathan just HAD to have two of his friends over even tho hes been at their houses pretty much every day this week. so they're over here now. AND to top it all off, my mom forgot who i was. nice to know i'm loved eh?

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