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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 10-24-2004 at 12:14am
Current mood: distressed
Oh...where to begin!? Well Friday night, Me, Sarah, Alan, Ben and Jonathan went to out. We left at about 10 til 5 and Alan called us when we were bout halfway to Barboursville and him and Ben had blown a tire lol, but they get er fixed n got there on time. We ate at Outback first, then we went to Cabell Midlands game and then we decided to go to Alan's sisters for a lil bit and Alan almost got pulled over on the way We got home around midnight, maybe a lil before. Then today I got up and got ready and went to the Marshall game with the football team and a few cheerleaders. They played the Buffalo Bulls and they whipped them BAD. It was awesome =] Afterwards we all went to eat at Golden Corral and some of the Marshall players were there so ofcourse, they had to hit them up for autographs. Oh and I can't fail to mention a few ppl tellin the Golden Corral employees that it was PETEY (Alan's) birthday and they made him stand on his chair and they sang and Alan like danced in his chair. I was pretty much sittin at his table and it was embarrassing I laughed soooo hard. Good followed the bus down there so afterwards we decided to go to Wal-Mart to get some stuff then we got home around 11:45 and here I am. I think Sarah's comin over tommorow. Monday is hat day...but we're makin it get up and go day. I can't wait! hehe lol. Well i'm gonna go, ttyl! <3~Shama
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