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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 10-24-2004 at 1:34am
Current mood: fine but tired
... Javier... showed up at my work.. stayed for a bit.. and came back later that night and just waited outside in the dark.. then I made him come inside and fed him a salad.. he had to eat something so I wouldn't get in trouble. Once everyone left I made Javi help me clean.. he swept and kinda mopped.. I won't ask him to help meh again.. .. .. but.. anyway.. he was dropped off and so he was left there and we had to take him home.. dad came in the surburbine because sis came to get mom for bingo...
Boy was Charles Jealous! He said 'one of your boyfriends are here' and pointed out the window and ha ha so ture it was javi! Anyway I was busy so charles goes out the door smoking a cigerate xD checking out the competition.. ha ha javi was smoking by the ice machine and charles went the other way lol it was pretty funny... ha ha
Anyway, got home and me and javi just stayed in the truck.. messed around.. I got him to put his arm around me and then his other one.. I said he was hopeless lol and.. i was One, two, and three, and put my nose on his and his leg would move, ya'know shake it, move your foot up and down.. he sdid that when he was nervious lol .. but yeah. I did that like 6 times and finnaly went, 'one, two' and by three his fucking mouth was on mine but his tounge was out and i pulled away lol xD and he is so damn shy, he kept hiding his face and it was so cute, but yeah he just lunged at me XD ha ha ha I so was calling him on everything lol. It was halirious, poor guy was so embarrased.. but yeah I just embarrased him all night long.. and.. it reminded me of brook.. I can't get him out of my head.. being with javier reminds me of brook.. they are so different.. javier is so shy.. so so shy... .. but yeah.. I .. was all over him.. I cant' keep my hands off him... I'm trying to slow it down but.. I dont' know.. some car drove by over and over again chunking rocks at us.. I have no clue who found out it was us in there.. ..but yeah.. I told him not to feel me up, it cought him off guard, he wouldn't talk so I said I wasn't a free fuck either and he said 'damn' and looked really shocked... .. .. but yeah.. he said being shy was bad.. I said it was good.. that it made him true.. I also called him on his virgin thing.. and he insists he is not a virgin.. I said it wasn't bad.. I .. i need to keep my mouth shut.. I can't keep in mind that he's only 15 .. makes a world of difference.
... but yeah.. after I tied his wrists together and put my legs over them, and tickled him till he bout threw me out of the car, we just laid there.. he was bent sideways and I was just on his side.. he's so big.. 220 something lb... .. he was so warm ... I told him too.. ... he feel asleep.. i just about did too.. until I hear footsteps and saw my dad making his way other.. meaning that was goodnight.. we stayed out in that truck from 9 to 1 in the morning.. wow.. .. but yeah.. he said I'd see him tomorrow.. .. .. I dont' know what is up with Risa.. I'm tired though.. and I'm watching Rose ann so I ai'nt really paying attention.. .. .. ah... .. .. I'm so.. .. low.. .. so low.. ... ..
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