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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 10-24-2004 at 3:37pm
Current mood: tired
Music: Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wanye
hey all!!! whats up?!? lol well i just got back from my weekend at PENN STATE!!!!! OMG it was so amazing i had SO much fun!!! lol! but yea when i first got there i saw Ed and Bill then i went to a lot of meetings but they were cool and all of the other recruits were awesome toO!! lol! but yea then we went to the CREAMERY omg it was awesome let me tell u!! haha then we went back to the pool and waited for the team to finish practice and we ate A LOT of pizza it was soo good! haha then we watched the homecoming parade it was so funny haha and i got to talk to a lot of the PSU swimmers and they were all so cool! then a lot of the swimmers and the recruits walked downtown to get some frozen yogurt it was very tasty! lol then i went back to my host Molly and Nikki's room and we watched some tv and went to sleep! i had to wake up early Saturday morning to go to practice and they had to swim outside it was freezing!! lol then some of the recruits and i swam and went off the diving boards it was awesome i loved it! lol then we all got changed and we had breakfast with Bill it was really helpful! lol then we walked over to the FOOTBALL GAME! it was so awesome we went to a tailgate and everything it was so much fun and there was so much food i loved it!! lol! then we went to get our tickets and we went down onto the FIELD! omg it was so amazing we were like 5 feet from Joe Paterno and we saw all the football players it was so awesome i was so excited! haha then we went to watch the game and we left after halftime because it was freezing then we went back to Molly's dorm and watched the rest of the game!! haha then Nikki and i walked downtown and i bought some PENN STATE stuff! lol i was excited! when we got back to the dorm we watched the beginning of Save the Last Dance then we went to eat dinner and then pumpkin carving! haha Kerry and I were really bad @ it ooo well! lol then we were talking to all of the swimmers and it was so awesome i loved it soooooo much!!!!! hahah! then after all the carving and talking we went back to Molly's room and watched the rest of Save the Last Dance and then to bed!! we woke up early this morning to go to the Waffle House and it was SOOOOO good! haha i loved it French toast and bacon! yummy!!!! lol then we went back to the dorm watched TV then i left to have my meeting with Bill and it went very well!! lol then my dad picked me up and now i am home!!!! haha! i had such a great time though the coaches and the team were so awesome and the school spirit was CRAZY!!! haha and of course the pool rocked!! lol but yea thats about all for now!!! love u all sooo much! ttyl

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