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thetheories (profile) wrote,
on 10-24-2004 at 8:36pm
Current mood: happy endings are for ninnies
Music: vh1's awesomely bad songs
Subject: ... you finally got what you want. so let go of my hand...
-- we'll show up in our outifts we planned ahead to meet the qualifications of a special occasion. youve made a lasting impression and if doesnt go right then i can't go wrong--

okay gang. tommorrow is the first day at andrew. Prayers? some finger crossing.. send some good luck my way. friday was terrible... well nto terrible but bitter sweet there were a lot of tears and waht not seeing as thought i love McAuley and i put on such a front. Maddy made me a wonderful poster with a bunchy of pictures fo her and jill ..... omygosh it was so sweet. JIll and kaitlin duggan made me a coluge in study but gave up because a movie came on. Julie baked me cookies thursday and kelly made me a cool sign that had feathersa nd said liz. i am loved. i hugged siobhan on my way out and began to cry, heavily. i will miss the place like no other.... i will i iwll. i could have done great thigns there but... its better for me here. like harry potter with griffyndor and slyerin... its jsut better... i dunno. im sad. but im happy. Lord, help me. okay guys well. pray for a good day tomorrow and ill do my best to keep you posted.

liz<-- thats like sacralige... its like wearing underwear with the virgin mary on them.
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