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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 10-25-2004 at :41pm
Current mood: tired
.. I'm tired... Went to town with Lenka.. Javi was supposed to come over this morning but he left when I called so I hadn't gotten ahold of him again so I called Risa and she said I couldn't come today, which was fine with me, and went to town around 4 after waking up at 12. Got Marilyn Manson's greatest hits CD which comes with an awesome, music video loaded, DVD with it..
Got 2 new pairs of jeans too. Long ones. Spent bout $60-70 bucks today...
Called Javi when we got back around 8 (yes I played DDR) and he came over.. he gave me a piggy back to Cody's, he's like riding a camel xD ha ha and .. umm. went back and I triped him and layed on him.. rubbed his back while sitting on his ass. I told Lenka about what happened in the surburbine.. one two three, lmao. But yeah, I asked Javi how it went again and he said he didn't know what I was talking about lol poor guy.. but yeah.. got him to touch me ^^ kinda rubbed my back, he just stayed on my spine and freaked out over the bra straps.. weird-o. ... He has alot of grass stains on his white shirt now..
We was just laying on the ground me on him, he is so warm and .. just whatever.. but.. he finnaly just put his arm around me like it was now a rule, or habbit ^^ yeah. Was sitting on the steps him between my legs, him smoking a cigerate and .. he feel asleep and his head all fell and he woke himself up.. and he asked if I wanted to sit down there.. and I said if he wanted me to and he said If I wanted to and blah blah so I did. He did that back thing again lol but I all leaned back and he is warm.. i just curled up in his lap kinda and he put his arms around me keeping me warm and offered me his hoddie, which goes below my knees so you all know, and.. I declined his offer since I knew mom was about to come out and bitch..
I am so tired.. time for bed...
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