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greenpixiestix (profile) wrote,
on 10-25-2004 at 7:57pm
Music: Wrecking Crew - Why Must They?
I'm so addicted to everything that's bad for me. You know I'm tainted, marred, painted over with black. Black eyes, black heart.

Group presentation tomorrow. I'm nervous. I hate public speaking.

Cor and I had a discussion about attractiveness. We both like guys who look like trouble, but are truly nice. She says I'm the girl version of that. I don't really look like trouble, though... not too much, anyhow. BHB was the epitome of trouble outside and sweet inside.

xxpun kangEL86XX: it's the irony of me writing junk like that,
xxpun kangEL86XX: when all i wanna be
xxpun kangEL86XX: is the mac make-up girls.
xxpun kangEL86XX: it's like that story of the fox and the grapes or whatever.
xxpun kangEL86XX: where he says it's sour just 'cuz he can't get it.
SweeTzK333: dude, you wanted that?
SweeTzK333: do you still want it?
xxpun kangEL86XX: wanted.
xxpun kangEL86XX: it was high school.
xxpun kangEL86XX: now it's just like, whatever.
SweeTzK333: haha i guess i kinda wanted that, too ;)
SweeTzK333: of course, i only found out the function of concealer this summer, so i guess i had no idea what i wanted ;)
xxpun kangEL86XX: LOL.
SweeTzK333: ...or maybe it was foundation
xxpun kangEL86XX: you're so funny.
SweeTzK333: either way, i think i know now!
xxpun kangEL86XX: lol.
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