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sweetiepie2006 (profile) wrote,
on 10-26-2004 at 8:44am
Music: Singin 'Conway Twitty- Lay Ya Down'
Hey Guys...Yeah life sucks, LoL. But 2day should be fun. Me and Tabi missed the vocational bus on "accident" They are having a presidential debate here...and we are supposed to decorate the hallways today. I hope we can find an extension cord or sumthin...becuz I brought lights to hang up in our shall be great. The Juniors hallway will be lovely. is costume day...I am like dressed up as a country fan or sumthin...I dont really know..maybe a hick. I am wearing boots...and Rascal Flatts shirt and ya can't forget my cowboy hat...I love's great. I wear it all the time at my house and sing country songs. Tabi's dressed up as a hippie...It's great. She's wearing a tie-dye shirt...she has braided hair with a bandana in it...and she has these HUGE sun glasses....they are great...LoL....Shama is Kenny Chesney and shes wearing her cowboy hat...Sarah is Uncle Kracker...she has a John Deere hat and some really loose jeans. Ben is dressed up as like I guess an old time western sheriff. Bobbi stayed from vocational too. She's somewhere with Sarah...I don't know where that might be. Well yesterday...we had a test in Calc worth 400 pts. I am pretty much thinkin that I failed it and that depresses me. I don't really know anything at all....and we are gonna have a test today in Anatomy...I couldn't find my notes. Therefore, I didnt study. Thats so depressing... But yeah...I'm gonna go cuz I can't think of anything to talk about besides that we're in Mrs.Pyles room right now in 1st period with Shama, Sarah, Ben, Luke, Crystal, and John. Omg Mrs.Pyles is talkin' about sex. She's talkin about gay men havig sex...and people havin sex with's hilarious. Now she's talkin about women gettin aids from their dentist....everyone should be in here right now....u dunno what ur missin''s great...Well, bye bye!!

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