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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 10-27-2004 at 3:11am
Current mood: fine
Well, school was fine. Took Pre ACT this morning.. well I guess it was Yesterday morning since it's so early and it's really like nighttime for me.. Javi trips me in the hall and ignors me the rest or the time... I said bye to him after school and at work today I found out that Wes kicked Terressa out of HER house, now she's staying with her son who, even though Wes kicked his mother out, still talks and hangs with him. Work was slow and fine, I had to clean alot of shit.. mom called like around.. probably 6 something and asked who was working, wondering if someone could take me home so she could borrow money from me and go to the casino in that hour away town. She said my brother wasn't gonna be home either, but Terressa was working so I had no ride so she got my sister to come get me. .. Well, Kylee was introduced to everyone, and when she found out Tina was pregnant and had a baby in her stomach, Kylee wanted to see and looked up her shirt lol it was funny. Mom said to be in at 11, and Javi could come over but we had to sit on the porch. Well, when sis drove me home Javi was outside playing Bball and me and Kylee went outside to play and sis was just muching and talkin on the phone. Our phone rang like 30 or so minutes later and it was Javi saying he wanted to come over.. so I told him he could and he did and he was just standing outside for awhile. Sis left and said to be careful and if I needed anything just to call. ... she didn't trust Javi, that was cool though. Well, once she was gone, I cranked up Marilyn Manson and we had the door open and we wrestled and I fucking was messing with him on the steps and my shoe got stuck under his feet and it came off and I flew back flat on my back! Hit my head on the ground too! He was cracking up! -_- xD but thats' ok because he hit his head on the pole not but 20 minutes later and has a knot on his head xD ha ha that's what he gets. His lighter's somewhere out in the yard too. .. but yeah.. we went in the house to get him a drink and some paper towles because he was sweating and was outside and my brother came home.. blah blah blah about his car parts and did you feed the dogs it's 10 30 blah blah , 10:40 comes and I get up to leave. He fucking yells at me saying to get my fucking ass back to the proch and stay there till 11 and come in.. bastard.. well to make it short we just hid when he went in side and ran after he looked for us.
We just went to our propane tank and just sat, the fog was gathering and it kept on gathering and now you can't see half a block away from you. Time went by but I didn't want to go home because I didn't want to hear my brother bitch. .. Well, a cop drove by too and Javi hid so he just kept on rolling by. Time went by and I found out Javi likes this girl named.. Sabina. Yeah lol that and we was all messing and I smacked my head good on that fucking tank! He was trying to hold my head down and poke my stomach and i hit my head and he let me up and was all Ooh Oohh scared lol and started rubbing my head like I was a little kid who just feel. I knew he felt bad T_T one way or another he's always hurting me XD but it's mostly my fault! Well, anyway it hurt. Lol no bump though.. feels like I got a hang over or something though.
... it got to like 12 or something and Javi's mom drove right by us but didn't see us. I got cold and I was wrapped in Javier's arms. He had on his hoddie, he already offered it to me but I declined, i had my arms in the big pocket his his arms around me. I was between his legs >.>' . .. but it got later and later and we ended up walking a bit, waiting on my parents to get home. His mom wanted him back at 11.. oops lol.. damn I was feeling really bad. I had also teased him REALLY bad... about 1, 2, 3 and oh now there is 4.. yeah he was doing something and his hands went up and brushed over me boobies lol and he just froze lol xD ha ha but yeah he didn't mean to xD it was funny. That and I was like , Sa Bi Naaa lol teasin him bad lol .. but yeah, he got mad at me but I could tell I was right. ... ha ha.
He was doing something, oh threating to touch the back of my earrings.. he ended up doing it but then his fingers ran up behind them and boy did I shiver! I never let anyone touch my ears because of all my earrings but.. OoOo I liked it xD I was bout to ask him to do it again lol!
We was gonna go sit in the backyard and wait but.. the dog started to bark and we heard the door kinda open so we made a run for it lol we ended up siting on the porch of an abandoned house around 2:00. I was between his legs inside his hoodie with him with his head on my shouder and his arms around my waist along with my arms.. he feel asleep and I dozed off a bit too. .. it was wonderful.. and a load off my chest when I found out that he had a crush on Sabina.. aww they'd make a cute couple.. .. I didn't tell him about me missing brook though..
But yeah.. parents drove by and i waved, meaning javi did too lol, but they kept on driving (this house was just at the end of the block, not but 2 houses from my house) So we started walkin and I whistled so my parents could hear me and we drove him home.
My brother told a fucking lie, saying he was all nice and shit and.. whatever, I couldn't stand listing to his fucking voice, I had to go outside and I told my dad to get me when he went to his room. .. Oo he pisses me off. I can't stand him. ... Oo.. But yeah.. it's all good though. I need to get to bed though, gotta wake up in 4 and a half hours and I still have to shower and do homework.. i'm gonna be dead at school, good thing I don't work ^^
Found out though that Javi's mom called my house.. looking for him.. shit.. .. I feel bad for doing that to his mother. ... I need to meet her...

... .. Brook hasn't emailed me..
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