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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 10-27-2004 at 11:05pm
Current mood: sad
Music: b0o -->> aLiCia kEySz .n. uSheR..
Subject: . UPDATE!!! .
0mg, it's benn f0rever siince i wr0te in herre. well, everyythiing has benn g0iin alriight. my leg is back t0 n0rmal nd my j0b isz the same 0ldD shyt. sch00l isz gettiing hardD nd i miss last year m0re than anythiing. last year was the partyy year. didn't give a shyt b0ut gradesz nd 0nlyy went t0 sch00l t0 get fuckedD upp everyy m0rning. i t00k everyythiing f0r grantedD ndD i wasn't h0me EVER. i changedD al0t thru0ut the year. i met a l0t 0f new pe0ple .. awes0me pe0ple at that nd we all became s0o cl0se ndD n0w we have all g0ne 0ur 0wn wayysz nd it suxx. this year, i'm takiing everyythiing seri0uslyy ndD my weekendD s0ber nd wit my b00b00 miKeYy. i l0ve beiing wit hiim but there are tiimesz where i juss wish i c0uldD g0 back t0 th0se amaziing weekendDsz but i cant. s0o me nd miKe are d0iing g00dD cept t0dayy isz the last dayy i g0t t0 see hiim untill next tueSdayy cuz he is 0ut 0f t0wn f0r hisz new j0b. nd he's g0nna be all the wayy in 0RLAND0!!! but i dunn0, it sh0uldD be a g00dD weekendD. me nd eRbeaR are guna be chyllaxiing ndD i'm makiing sum m0neyy 0n satuRdayy cuz i'm w0rkiing 0vertiime. will be a G00D paycheck. newh0, i'm g0ne t0 bedD. niGht . xoxo

<33 SiSi
miKe, i l0ve y0u s0o much ndD imma miss y0u! xoxo
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