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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 10-28-2004 at 9:45pm
Current mood: relaxed
Music: none
wow it's been a while...since i've written in here, and since i've been to the tanner! lol i just got back and it was awesome! so relaxing! i even bought lotion...when i tan i feel better about myself so why the FUCK not! hehe

well things at state have been going least at the end of every week :-P
i have been so busy studying and working my ASS off for my classes that i haven't had anytime for anything i feel like sometimes...but the last few days i've found time to fit in things...i'm getting more adjusted everyday and feel more at home every's taken a while but hey...look at how much my life has changed since i moved to MSU...i left home, my mom which has been my hope and my strength for 18 dogs, my cat...ugh just everything i have been so used to...but they say that everyone has to move on sometime in life...and i did...and i'm so happy. i get homesick a lot...not as much as before but...i went home last weekend and i got back and this week has been hard, it just felt so nice to be home and everything....the ONLY crappy thing was...i didn't get to see kane...but hopefully she'll but up for a trip to see me in a couple weeks :-D (how bout it kane??) i miss her soooo much! we talked on the phone the other night and it's amazing how people that i didn't talk to when i left...i talk to a lot more now...and people i used to talk to every day...i don't talk to at all anymore. yeah i know that i live farther away and i'm busy with studying a lot...but oh well at least i'm not wasting my time here...i'm going to school to be something and be successful and happy in my life and that's all that matters!

so i'm stayin here this summer, i'm really excited, me and chris are finding an appartment to live in together, don't know who's gonna live with us yet...hopefully mairin :-D cuz i love having her around!! she cracks me the fuck up!! haha well i really need to go read now and i guess that's all i have for tonight! i have 2 classes tomorrow and then my momma is comin up!! yay!! :-D but mair is goin home but chris will prolly stay with me :-D so it's all good....but i'm outtie

lata dudes :-P

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