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Angel_Bob (profile) wrote,
on 1-28-2003 at 5:34pm
Current mood: happier than I have been in over a year!
Subject: It's my birthday and I can party if I want to!
Hey y'all, thanks for the encouragement. Thanks, Ray, for giving him the note.

Okay, so I told him (sort of). Alright so I wrote him a note and hid inside while his heart was broken. I just don't like breaking people's hearts, I like mending them.

So speaking of which, I didn't tell the guy I like that I like him yet. I'll try to find time to do it tomorrow. No, I will do it tomorrow. I don't care how nervous/chicken/scared I am, he's going to know and then I'm going to know what will become of it.

Switching subjects, I'm 16! w00t! I was just telling Katie yesterday how I never get money on my birthday and I didn't care. Today, I opened all my presents and I got 16 five dollar bills all folded like flowers and attached to those stem things. Isn't that awesome? So I put them in the vase I got from Ashley and now they're a centerpiece.

Switching again, my dad is taking me, my sister, maybe my brother and Katie to Wizzywig (an anime store in Ann Arbor) this weekend and I thought I'd share the love. Does anyone else want to come? I can't promise you can but I can convince my dad. Any takers?

Switching for the last time, I love my birthday and all my friends! j00 guys r0x0r!

Angel Bob
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