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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 10-29-2004 at 9:32pm
Current mood: hyper
Music: King of the Dancehall
Subject: my lust for Ben

Lushuz X anjeL (9:20:03 PM): but yo he was bendin over and da camera was alllll up in dat and so was I
LadiePerfection (9:21:26 PM): omg
LadiePerfection (9:21:34 PM): u r so funny
LadiePerfection (9:21:44 PM): try not to lust too much ok
Lushuz X anjeL (9:21:47 PM): hahaha
Lushuz X anjeL (9:22:09 PM): it was -rite there- ... it was like that sexy police man's butt ..:-D i'll stop
LadiePerfection (9:22:24 PM): hah!!!!
LadiePerfection (9:22:28 PM): please do
Lushuz X anjeL (9:22:51 PM): lol
Lushuz X anjeL (9:23:00 PM): wait till you see C.Webb's butt!
Lushuz X anjeL (9:23:05 PM): you'll be doin the saaame thing
LadiePerfection (9:23:32 PM): heck yeah
Lushuz X anjeL (9:23:45 PM): you hoe
LadiePerfection (9:24:34 PM): lol u got room to tlak
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