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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 10-31-2004 at 10:24pm
Current mood: bouncy
Music: dry your eye by the streets
Subject: the wicked thing about us is that we always have trust...

OMFG. today was so fun. woke up at like noon cuz i was so tired. did homework and got ready. then me and camila walked to nicoles house and hung out for a lil. made plans to go trick-or-treating later. then we went home and got dressed up. camila was a cheerleader and i was a hooker. lol. we looked so gay. then we went over to nicoles but jd and seth and all their gay friends were there. me and camila decided to go to chris' house. so we left. i felt really bad for leaving nicole tho. i <3 u.!! then right when we got there and walked up to chris and max...BAM! we got attacked with shaving cream. we were sooo white it was funny. we went trick-or-treating a lil and ran into BROWN MAN!!! omg it was so embarrassing. lol. then camila left and we went to chris' and got like attacked by sum kids. then we went to the park thing and all of us got incredibly covered in shaving cream. they styled their hair and we took pictures. it was greeeat. lol. then we went to sum secret tree spot thing. lol. massive sexual assualting. HAHAHA. but yeah. it was fun. then max left and me chris and gustavo sat on the curb and i literally got ANTS IN MY PANTS ahhh. it hurt. red ants lol. then i left and took the longest most wondeful shower i have ever taken in my entire life!! lol. but yeah. im gunna go to sleep since im the only one still up!

-later loverss-


Happy Halloween
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