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tinaker (profile) wrote,
on 11-1-2004 at 4:29pm
Subject: Happy Belated Halloween
According to good friend call query_halloween()FESTIVITY_H, Halloween is still present. How was your Halloween? Mine was groovy, and by groovy I mean it wasn't too great. I played pool in a dorm across my workplace with a semi-co-worker, who seems intent on being my 'type'. Not to mention I was playing with chemically burned hands.. which challenge is interesting and all that, but it sucked.

I recall last Halloween I went trick-or-treating in a black trash bag. The year before that I was mudding (on LL I recall), the year before that I was with my sister and her crossdresser. The year before that I was on New Moon/dispensing candy at the door. Year before that, I recall hanging with my father as he scoured the streets for evildoers. Year before that, I do believe I was trick-or-treating with an old friend. ..I love Halloween.

Which, last night I subtlety hinted through the phone that I wanted a semi-friend to join me at the Halloween get-together, and that he declined, to "hand out candy", I must say I have taken personally. That was my invitation to forget all mistakes and arguments; an invitation he won't see again. Halloween..

My mother's birthday is coming up, and if I don't get called in, I'll have the day off. I'm very excited to now have a debit card.. that's all.. I'll write LoE news in a bit, or so.
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