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silversoldier (profile) wrote,
on 11-2-2004 at 1:28pm
Current mood: uncommited
Music: "I Can See It" - The Fantasticks
Subject: Time never moves at desired speed.
I've really been wishing today would go by extremely fast... instead I've been given a potluck of empty free time in school.

We had a group discussion in English over Jane Eyre today. It was horrible, simply because she required every person to put in input. Though I understand her desire to incorporate everyone (after all, this was a graded discussion), the group was rather hollow in ideas. Unfortunate, quite.

Stephanie was back from surgery today, so I now have to shuttle her to/ from the first four periods. It would be a grand old time if I didn't have to come up with conversation every time I see her. The time in the elevator is inevitably going to be silent... Speaking of the elevator, I'm afraid it will break down one of the times I'm in it... frightening.

In band, we (luckily) didn't get reamed by Mr. Kellogg today. I greatly feared he would be on us for how crappy the show turned out. Fortunately, he decided to completely ignore the show. (I hear he was bitching on every other period today, though.)

Chemistry was a self-guided review today. We're doing molar conversion factors... fairly easy stuff, honestly, so I had a lot of down time.

Health was horrible, simply because we started our discussion on suicide today. I've had too many experiences relating to that to want to have a discussion with a bunch of prig students.

Spanish (as always) nothing happened at all. What can I say? We're still in first-year review, so it's a pretty straightforward time.

And so we come to now. I have a whole period open to whatever I choose, because people are apparently behind in Computer literacy. It's a bloody easy class, and horrendously slow. So here I sit, updating my journal instead of getting extra credit. Horrible kid am I.

I hope we finish blocking for the play today. It's amazing how much work has been put into it, and yet we've barely started the second act. I could puke. Oh well, fun things will come, such as me being set on fire, or placed in a monkey suit and beaten (again, this is quite a strange play).
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