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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2004 at 11:54pm
Current mood: fine
That boy Javier is comming over too much lol, naw he ain't. He came over lastnight, and the night before.. and the night before that I believe. God I haven't updated in forever... Javier and I.. well after that night at the Carnival.. I don't even remember really. I'm all over him though... playfully though. I met his mom Saturday night.. she likes me. She kept telling him to offer me stuff. He put on his glasses too, took him forever though, I about shoved them down his throat. .... Christian is.. alot different then I've precieved him to be.. Javier is aswell. He really takes care of his Mama. Javi's come overhere alot too. Just hung in the backyard the other day and played Tetris and Christian came over and when me and javi was outside we heard the school alarm go off and we had saw joey and christain drive by. So when Christian was over here he said it was him that brook in to it and spray painted some shit on the lockers and floor, some gang shit 'K-Swis" kill slobs when i see slobs, shit like that and KB and shit. And Javi said that they'd think it was him because mr. givens knows javi wrights that so.. anyway christian was just playing a nasty trick, thank goodness.
But everynight I've seen Javier he's givin me a hug... damni't... he likes me.
I paid for my mommy's car tags.. some other shit too... got in some trouble at work but it's ok. Before Charles had a sex dream about me and he said he liked it XD lmao and today he would'nt put in my ear ring (for the past 2 days he's put it in his lip and eye brow) and it pissed me off. So he sat down and I sat with him and said he was pissing me off. He asked why and I said some days he wants to play and other days he doesn't and it's pissing me off. He said every day he wanted to play but not infront of nichole... ::sigh:: he said his girl treated him good too.. I need to back off. But he patted me on the butt later, oddly that made me feel better -_-
... Javi is still brushing me off kinda at school, like.. he's stopping but not saying anything and just walking away or comming up behind me and tripping me... today on the phone (he told me to call him when I got home from work) I told him he needed to get his shit straight and he didn't say anything.
... ah... I also heard Monday that Sunday was the spagetti social. ... William said brook was there, jeff said he was too. With Don fixico... Brook was there Sunday around 2 they said just watching the basket ball or something... .. I got home at 4... Jon.. sunday.. was trying to mess with me.. oh yeah! They, him and teresa, was drinking pepsi and brandy back there XD me too! fucking for like an hour. I got pissed and they told me to lighten up, I sure as hell did lol But I got home and Javier came over and.. Brook was there just hours earlier or could of still been there... my stomach turned when I thought about just missing him and thinking about why he was there...
Monday night at work, Charles told me my ex got fucked up in the face. I froze and inched closer to him 'what?' and he said 'you know how he likes to tell lies and change his stories all the time? like .. lies and lies?' I was like 'a habitchual lier?' and he was like yeah and.. he said that brook was saying that this guy that got robbed a while back well that it was these guys that he was living with that did it.. so the guy asked brook about it and brook keep changing his story. this was saturday night at a party... and the guy got pissed off at brook changing his story all the time and picked up a full, unopened can of beer and smashed it across brook's face, his jaw kinda and then punched him and brook was out like a light and they all just left him on the floor. My stomach knoted...... he said brook didn't show up for work the next day. Charles was laughing so hard... I was just.. shock.. i didn't know whether to be like well he finnaly got what he deserved or oh my baby got hurt! lol.. I was just fucking shocked. ... Thing is.. that gets me thinking is that This was supposed to of happened Saturday night and he wasn't supposed to of showed up for work the next day which would be sunday which would be the same day he was supposed to of been up here... thing is jeff said brook's face didn't looked fucked up and if what charles said really happned then there would, i'm sure, be somekind of mark on his face. I mean the boy is indian but come'on now. So I have no clue.
Thing is I've been thinking... I'm done with Brook. I've put up with his lies and shit for too long.. and Javier .. I'm not sure whether or not I want to give him a chance. ...
... I'm going to bed though, I'm dog tired and I have tomorrow off.. that and firday and sunday. ...
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