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Brad (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2004 at 2:06am
*sigh* well, things are pretty messed up. being homeless is starting to take its toll on me. tomorrow i have to go to court at 8:30 in the morning. im here at nate's, he's my ride. im hoping i get my license back tomorrow. i get to live in my car for a while, at least till i find a job or something. yesterday, i picked up a few necessities like deoderant and whatnot. i couldnt buy it so yeah....i figured since i need it theres only one way to get it; stupid meijer.

im losing friends, im losing more than i thought i'd ever lose. its not bad enough that i have all this shit going on...i need friend drama. i just dont want to deal with any of it. i cant really trust many people many people are spreading rumors and trying to ruin more shit for me now. gah, oh well. im sick of whining. goodbye
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