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Brad (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2004 at 4:21pm
Current mood: pretty good
Music: Elvis Presley - money hunny
news for all. none of you will be seeing me for a little while. i wont be at school for a week or so. im getting my license back tomorrow. its going to cost me around $300, thats nothing was cut down a lot by the judge. i guess im the first one in the group to actually go to court...with the judge and the whole "all rise" thing. it was messed up. my fee's would have been about a grand, but the judge was nice. but there were people there who were getting in trouble for breaking into cars and vandolizing and shit...they had to pay like $5000. it was a realy wake up call...trashing shit isnt worth it anymore after seeing what they had to go through. but i took my tint off today, now im borrowing the $300 from my aunt because she's the only one who has that kind of money. its either that or jail...and i would go to jail, for a max of 93 days. but anyway, im gonna be staying here at nate's for the time im not around. im gonna be looking for a job so i can repay some debts and get back on my feet. obviously my dad isnt going to give me child support...if he does, cool. if he doesnt, fuck him. so i guess i was just telling you all, if you care, this way no one worries or anything. i havent slept since two nights ago..its terrible. anyway, you all have fun. love you all, goodbye.

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