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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2004 at 6:19pm
Current mood: cold
Music: This is the New Shit; Marilyn Manson
Subject: Blegh..
Uncomfortable silences haunt our conversations once full of your views on the world and hearty laughter. Now all is dead, your flower garden died and all that's left are the weeds.

Why do you use your problems as excuses? You never saw them drag me down like this, did you? And whay are you trying to be societies little puppet bound by the expectations of others?

You never used to care what they said about you as long as we had each other but you've become so hard to please, I'm trying. Seeds take time to grow, but I think they've all died, perhaps.

All I seek is the reason for your change. Like a butterfly you morphed, but maybe not into something more beautiful. You drag me down with your emotions putting your weight on my shoulders and I bear it without question because my heart cannot allow me to do otherwise.

Please stop being like this, I can't stand what you've become. Your constant griping and moaning. The world doesn't revolve around you even though you'd like to think it does.

Ah, but when you hold me in your arms... I never want to let that moment go.
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