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kandy (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2004 at 6:23pm
Current mood: depressed
alright. i'm actually home for once and all i wanna do is cry. i miss him so bad. i'm so used to spending so much time with him and already i haven't talked to him in almost 20 hours. :( this will be the first day in almost 6 months that i haven't seen him. or talked to him. my life is just going down. work is a bitch i can't stand the boss. and as for college i'm all stressed cause i feel like i have so much to do.but i can't do it all at once cause then *like now* my brain gets fried. *sighs* i wanna lay down and just pass out and let the world go on with out me. *yes i know i'm a lil drama queen.* but still. i just wanna get this shit done with and move on. i want my life to be in one clear path. i don't want any insecurities or fuck even choices. i want my life mapped out. right now i just wanna scream and tear my hair out cause everything is just a mess! i don't know where i stand at all anymore. i doubt like everything. i hate this. why can't life just be simple. or at least simpler! argh! ok.. time to de-stress... but how... *thinks* hmm well i could play with the pup.. naw.. umm read? no.. oh no. the boyfriend is being an ass.. hmm am talking to people online that's at least intriguing. well i'm gonna go dissappear... see ya'll
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