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cait0880 (profile) wrote,
on 11-3-2004 at 8:21pm
I don't really want to write all about my little trip to flordia so i am just going to say what we did i guess. We got there around 6 on thrusday and headed to the resort. After that we ate some dinner and then went to downtown disney and i got all happy because i love disney. Then the next moring we went to MGM, which was sweet. Then later that night we went to "mickys NOT so scary halloween party" which was so cool because there were not lines AND we got candy. The next day we went to the water park which i may say was pretty nice. Then downtown disney to say bye bye to all the cool stuff there and we went to louies house. There isnt much to tell about that part of the trip. It was fun and we saw too movies one about sea animals and one on asians. Both very diffrent....
I had more fun then i thought and i am glad i went

... i wrote too much for somone who said they didnt want to write about it
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