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insomniac (profile) wrote,
on 11-4-2004 at 3:22pm
Current mood: content
Music: Missing Link - Hives
Subject: OMG, bomb threat!
Ha, today was exciting.

At the beginning of fifth period they bell rang extra early, then a few minutes later the fire alarm was set off. It was one of the messiest ones yet. It took almost five minutes to get everyone out on the courts. And after ten minutes Mrs Sheehan moved us over to a shady place and we sat there for about twenty minutes.

Mrs Sheehan was saying things about a possible bomb threat or what not, or the building caught fire. All the students and teachers started moving everyone into the cafeteria, where we sat and watched a few minutes of Shrek. :B

Everyone was kinda scared and really noisy, then Mr Spoto, our principal on the stage and explained that the Police/Fire Station next to the school had received a supicious package and if it was a bomb we were somehow all safe in the old, old cafeteria of H.O.B.. At that point, people were getting out their cell phones and calling parents and cousins to pick them up.

I was letting Bianca read my Nightmares And Fairytales comic so I was getting pretty bored. Everyone else seemed to be leaving so after some Rock, Paper, Scissor matches against Ben I borrowed Morgan's phone and called my mom at her shop (Which is a block away from the school). But mom couldn't hear me over all the screaming kids and Morgan was picked up so I had to hang up on her. A minute later I picked up Reva's phone and called Mom again, and she said my grandma was already on her way to get me.

I think this little chart might help:

Yep. X3

School food isn't really heathly. D:
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