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kiwi (profile) wrote,
on 11-4-2004 at 11:55pm
Current mood: amused
Music: White Strips
Subject: Date the world
yes, I shoudl date everyone. It's rather funny. I'll be thinking about my friendship with some random guys adn I'll jsut say to myself. I should date him. One is a frosh who I talk to alot and we can talk for quite a while and it's intresting conversation. We don't have a ton in common but enough taht we can talk about things we both understand.
The second is a sophmore. I have like tha same odd sense of humor as him, it's a ton of fun to joke around with him. And we also use large words, which is intresting and fun, because I don't ahve to worry about always coming up with synonms in case he doesn't understand (something that happens a lot with my buds) and he's jsut really cool in general, and seems like he'd be an even cooler kid as I got to know him more.
The third is someone I just find extremely attractive, who i would really like to get to know if not date. He's a junior and I've talked to him once... I really should talk to him again. I want his ass.. badly... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm soooo pretty.....
I'll do this with otehr people too. Like there is a couple of frosh I've known for like forever that I'll do that to. It's not like I never talk to them either. I talk to them alot. Hahaha one time I went off and like hid from all humanity with two of these boys. It would ahve been funny if we were late and we walked in together and we all looked tosuled. MUAHAHAHAHA.
There is actaully another sophmore I would totally go out with... but he's gay. Damn hi. But he's sooo hot. in sooo many ways! His sense of humor melds with mine delightfully with mine, he's dyed his hair, he calls me garebear... he was tickling me for a piece of bamboo... that was fun. MMMM... damn his sexuality...

So In conclusion... I shoudl date that whole world... at once...
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