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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 11-5-2004 at 1:06am
The girl turned her head, salty gems of sorrow falling from her sapphire eyes. She was ashamed for them to see just how weak she was, afraid of what they would think. For, you see, she had always put up a complicated from so that no one could see her true self.

But a thief with a key aimed to see what was in the padlock. So, cleverly, the thief took her universal key and turned it ever so carefully. She didn't want to damage what lied within for she did not know what it could be.

Just as the lock clicked, she was chased away by demons of bitter lonliness. The girls heart saught a companion but was not ready to let anyone claim the riches in her heart so swiftly.

The thief tried subconciously time and time again to unlike the door but everytime she got close, the steel doors would smash shut and she would wait for another day.

The shameful girl fell to her knees, burying her head in her hands, wallowing in a puddle of her own anxiety. And the thief could do nothing more than watch. She did not know what to do to help...

So many monthes came to pass and the fragile girl's condition only worsened. Life was horrible. She would come to school with bruises and slashed wrists. No one ever saw but the thief because the thief, though she was but a thief, was the only one that the girl trusted even if it wasn't entirely. Her heart had been shattered by another, this woman crafty and wicked. The witch had turned almost everyone against the innocent and she had no where to go.

With worsening condition she decided it would be then that she would meet her demise because she couldn't face this torture, this anguish any longer.

Holding the knife at her wrist, she looked up into the darkened ceiling, the razor dropping with a clatter.

The thief had done what thieves do best, stolen her heart. And in return, replaced the wounded child with her own.

At long last the year was over and it was the last day they would see each other ever again. For a time they just gazed silently at one another, holding hands tightly. They didn't care who saw, no, they didn't.

The final hour approached. She cried and cried, the thief only held her, stroking her long red hair, assuring her that everything would be alright. In due time they would meet again.

And still more people stared.

But the thief was right. They would meet again.

And having the thieves heart made the pain so much easier to bear.

The thief was never a thief at all, just a blessing in disguise.

~Dedicated to Jocelyn~
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