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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 11-5-2004 at 11:44pm
Current mood: cold and tired/pissed off/ tired/pissed off/fuckin
..... Where to start... well remember how chrarles told me about brook getting hit with a beer? well... school was ok today.. normal. Just got a shit load of homework and a major test tomorrow, still i am continuing to get in a shit load of trouble in biology... Javier paid more attention to be in school today... But the real one thing that... just completly has pissed me off and has me thinking is.. ... at work.. it got busy... kinda sorta at one time.. and the phone rang while i was in the middle of taking an order... I go to it and.. ... ... "Hey, wad up"... B-Brook... it was b-brook... I just a long ass shocked pause... 'hey' ... I was so quite... he just wanted to tell me, he said, that he was out of town, he had to skip out town Monday.... and was calling long distance ... he just wanted me to know because.. he didn't know if I had tried to e-mail him or not, I said I did... he said he'd keep in touch.. He said he'd fill me in on why he had to skip town later... .. I .. my stomached knoted so much.. I was just .. so quite... .. when he said he was out of town.. i thought he moved... and then he said that he didn't need to really come back but he was talking to himself... bethany said she didn't know what really tired him to bulldog town but.. there is something and he always goes back to it..... I said sorry I'm really busy right now... and he said okay.. and... he said he'd just keep in touch.. and I said thank you.. and okay.. and.. ... he said well byez. and i said ... see ya later.. and... I .. .... went in the back and cried xD lmao I just started crying when i got those peoples order and went in the back to make my salads... and.. I just.. god I had to stay back tehre for awhile.. well... I sat down and talked to some people and got everyone everything and someones order was about to come out and... the phone rang... and.. it was Brook again... he said.. that he heard there was a basketball game tomorrow.. I said yeah.. he said 'you know my brother don right' ... I said yeah.. he said that he'd might be with him tomorrow.. and... he.. he said.. that he might see me tomrrow at the game.. and.. I said.. oh.. arlight.. and I said for him to hold on or either whatever because i had to take out an order and he said whatever and I told him to hang on.. .. so.. i took the order and started adding up tickets while on the phone with him... i didn't want to get in trouble. .. he asked 'so who is this guy you are hanging out with?' I said javier.. and he laughed.. .. asshole... but... ... brook.. he said 'can you believe it? i got a black eye' and I was like 'so I heard' and he's like' oh you already heard about it huh?' i said maybe, and he said 'well yeah i beat up five guys too' bullshit.. .. damn.. what a lier... .. that and he said.. that he's been hearing about me getting in trouble in work and even in school alot, and he said yeah i know i have connections.. .. didn't I write it in an email to him? ah yeah i think so.. but.. anyway.. i said I really had to go.. and thanked him again.. and.. he said alright, guess I'll see you later and I was like yeah ok see ya later .. and.. he said no, I better not say that, I WILL see you tomorrow evening.... and I said ok... and.. bye and.. that was that... ... t-that ws that... h. he called me.. ... ... Teressa told me that he had asked how i was doing or still wroking at beesons last week end .. she jsut rememberd.. .. .. Brook. .. called me.. and is going to come to the game tomorrow.. how did he know i dind't work? everyone wants me to go to the game tomorrow... I guess I will..
I called anton and said i needed to talk to him.. he asked what was the matter and i sai di'd call hjim later.. .. at home kylee was there... so i got the phone and we went to my room.. .. anton.. said for me not to tell javier.. i called javier from work and told him i needed to talk to him tonight.. i didn't tell him more then that.. and.. anton told me not to tell him anything tonight... and IF brook showed up.. that.. then I would play like I didn't even know he was gonna show up... .. god I got so sick in my stomach.. .. anton said i was going to break javier's heart, he said he didn't care if i didn't go out with him but just not to get back with brook. Anthony was yelling and cusing at me.. ... ... he said... that brook wanted a second chance. He got me thinking.. since when the first time brook called I wasn't all.. freaking out .. i was just shocked and quite and when he said bye I really said bye.. then.. when he called me back a second time saying he was gonna see me then.. that he might want another chance. Anton said he could respect that but he said he was raised by his mama and she didn't take shit from guys. One came crawling back and she accepted him but then he turned around and beat her again.. .. he saying that about brook. that he'd do shit again.... .. what if he just not got a slap in the face? Brook? Anton said that he apprently liked the way i teated him and wants it back.. wants me back... course he said that one night to his friend that i was there whenever he wanted me to be so .. i don't know.. ..
.. i relaly dont' know.. javier came over when sis and kylee left, i was on my way to anthony's house to get help with homeowkr and talk to him but javi was on my front porch when i went out so.. he walked with me .. we didn't talk at all... we stayed there fr like 45 minutes doing really nothing and.. anothy told me i really had a choce to make..
It didn't feel righ tnot telling him.. but the way anthony said.. If.. like if brook would really come.. it made me think.. ... .. damn.. .. .. brook...

... i hav eso much to concentrate on.. schoolwork.. and now.. he's screwing with my head once more.. great.. just fucking great.

I have to get up early to get help with algebra 2.. javier is supposed to be calling me in the morning to wake me up...

.. damn.. this is fucked up. he came over tonight afterwards and.. christian came.. while i was ontop of javi... and.. said he needed to come home.. it was like 11:30 ... and... we drove him home and his mom yelled at him.. stupid ass he told me he could stay out late but he was supposed to be home 10:30.. ha ha.. oh well.

.. bu tshit.. i need to go...

I am the little stick
you stir me into shit
i hate therefore i am
goddamn your rightgious hand
goddamn (oh lord) goddamn (oh lord)

marilyn manson...
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