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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 11-6-2004 at 12:12am
Current mood: calm
Music: Baby It's You- JoJo
hey all! whats up?! lol soo yea this has been a pretty eventful week let me recap for y'all!
lol sooo yea on HALLOWEEN i did a lot of work all day! lol then @ night like everyone came over and we played some INTENSE manhunt! lol it was crazyyy! haha i even hurt my muscle playing but ooo well it was def worth it! lol then i went to morning practice on monday i was tired but i survived and got my bagel and coffee after practice so i was good! lol then school was blah as usual thennn i went to swimming again. pretty much the same thing happened for the entire week school and swimming but yea on thursday night was the freshman lock-in! WOOO! haha it was SO much fun but i didnít get any sleep at all so i slept from 8:30-4 today hahaha then i went to swimming again... cant you just imagine how great my life is school and swimming.... =( not a lot of fun! haha but tonight i went to the mount dance for an hour it was an embarrassment to our school o man it was pretty bad! haha so yea after that tar, britt, danielle, catie, kate and i went to Forte then Dunkin OMG then Kate Tar Catie and I went to Kyleís house hahahaha Kevinís car i wanted to see his reaction sooooo badly! lol soooo yea that about sums up my week! OMG I KNOW WHERE I AM GOING TO COLLEGE AND I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! ahhhh! haha i wish it was September already! lol but yea i dont want to say anything until everything is a sealed deal! lol but yea thast all for now! love u all soooo much!! ttyl

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