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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 11-6-2004 at 11:03pm
Current mood: pissed/thraot hurts/tired
today sucked ass. Javier... god.. at lunch we got these little bags of apple slices and well javier collected his friends ones and dropped them on the table next to my trey.... not long after everyone from all the tables were throwing me their apple bags! I had a pile a foot high, no joke! It went on for like 5 minutes. But yeah.. he was.. I don't like the boys he hangs out with... they act stupid.. too stupid...
Mattie is going back out with Jose.. since last night... .. ... but .. ... I had brook on my mind add fucking day.. all day and filled lenka in on everything... that and I treated javier prety much like a little kid... just brushing him off.... ... .. i .. brook was on my mind.. I just .. I don't know. Why not just say fuck them all and leave them alone?
You know why I say this? Because.. Javier gives me attention and ... god.. anyway after school lenka walks to the store, well i walk with her and then we walk to my house, watch some marilyn manson because mom was at work and my brother and father went in town... javier drove by like seven times honking his horn... there was that basketball game... so around wahtever, five, i did lenka's hair and she left around five thirty and... i started getting ready and she had to get there before me becasue she was on the team and i got there around 6:20... and... anyway.. javier .. was there.. and... i saw him but he said nothing i said nothing i stayed away from him and he popped up here and there... ... but.. i just.. was in the back of my mind knowing brook was comming....... to make it short he never showed. Girls played first and then boys, druing half time me and lenka walked to her house and javi had been outside so once we left her house there was someone down the block walking on the road we were.... some tall guy and a shorter guy.. it's dark and you can't see but they was walking like javier... so I whisted and we stoped and kinda waited for them and then the tall figure leaned by the shorter one so.. i thought javier was talking about me so I just kept walking and they turned.. so I didn't know where they was going... so we got to the school and javier was there.. so it wasn't him! I have no clue who was walking! .. it could of been brook.. he's tall and walks like that too.. i dunno.. but i just.. i was mad and took it out on javier because when me and lenka walked to my house.. javier and some other guy.. aaron, a fat white guy who has an indian last name who's new from bulldog town, followed us. Jaiver started acting stupid... and.. i just pissed me off.. i hate it when he acts like that and.. talks nasty around them... pisses me off... it really does. disgusting.. i won't get into detail. but that guy woudln't stop asking lenka questions so i got pissed and told him just to write up a goddamn survey for her. Dumbass said he wooud... something else about them acting like kids and i said yeahoh, i said that they were all the same, aaron and jaivers' other friends because i couldn't remember any of there names and i idnd' tlike any of them.. joey and cody, javier had asked me who was worse.. i said they were the same and that he wasn't but 2 steps behind them.. it.. pissed him off... so they walked a different way then us so we just walked home... i havne't heard of him since..
i have a sore throat from who knows what, it's dry and shit and i'm tired as hell and i just want to cry... i can not stand brook anymore.. i really can't. all he does is lie... fuck him and i need to stop playing around with javier's feelings...
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