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sandatthebeach (profile) wrote,
on 11-6-2004 at 4:34pm
Current mood: cranky
Subject: I love Rock 'n' Roll
Hey look I'm finally here. Hoorah.

I've been preoccupied so apologies for the lack of update.

Saw Molly Sleeps and some weird band last night. They were....yeah. Molly Sleeps was, of course, rockin' awesome.

Alright, I'm gonna come off and say this. I'm PMS-ey so I don't give a fuck. The egos need to stop now. They're fucking pissing me off. Theatre's no longer fun because everyone's trying to out-do everyone else. Why do you think I cared so little about Dracula. Oh I know, because maybe everyone single in the cast was so egotistical. Every single person. I lost respect for nearly half the people in the cast. Everyone but Kenny, Reid, Zak, Steph and Vlada. I've come to respect them a lot more because they were so humble. Everyone else is just so urgh. Everyone is so goddamn egotistical. And it really sucks because everyone there is going to do the musical and it's gonna be hell trying to work with people who think they're the best thing out there. But what can I do? Not a whole lot other than to suck it up. By the way, people need to learn to do that too. Just suck it up and move on. I'm so sick and tired of this. Choir pisses me off too because it's so freakin segretated: the egotistical theatre freaks and everyone else. The theatre freaks consisting of about a whole 2 people and everyone who follows them. Just gr...ok?

I'm sorry for my venting, but I haven't' vented in long time and I really needed to. People just need to get off their high chairs and come back to reality. YOU'RE NOT THE FUCKING BEST OUT THERE SO STOP THINKING THAT YOU ARE!

Sorry. But I know more than half the school agrees with me here.

Always, Sandy
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