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crazydimbohead (profile) wrote,
on 11-6-2004 at 5:06pm
Current mood: okay
Music: eric clapton - tears in heaven ..&.. queen - bohemian rhapsody
Subject: ?
so...... im just chillin over at my grandmas house again..... lots has happened this week.. last sunday i got grounded till im like 80 because im stupid and got caught in a lie.. i said i was gonna spend the night with dugan but i went to scotts house and stayed the night... yeah scott got back last saturday.. i am grounded from everything, it sucks.. wednesday my grandpa died of a heart attack.. and the family has been together ever since.. i took it alright, being the first person to die in my family that i was close to.. but today we went up to the funeral home to see him and give the guy some papers.. and i cried then.. first time i had cried... i kept it all in.. i still have alot in... the funeral is monday at 2.. its an open casket.. its gonna be so sad.. its already sad now.. i am thankful for everyones help to my grandma they have been so nice and kind.. i love this song by queen it rules.. but yes, im gonna go now.. and like lay down or something... so yeah... ? bye
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