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lisalion816 (profile) wrote,
on 11-7-2004 at 4:02am
Current mood: disappointed/worried
Subject: Jägermeister is bad for you

wow. last night was a bust.

There wasn't that many people there when i arrived, but I talked to Lisa and Moa for a bit. Saw Hoffman and he was already drunk. It was bad. 15min later he was puking all over the place. Ola called a taxi to take him home, but then Linnea and I found out his parents weren't home and we were not about to have him sleep alone, or not have anyone watch him. It was scarry. Linnea and i, along with anna, thought he should be taken to the hospittal. We finally go things straightend out and he spent the night at Lisa's. He was so wasted, he couldn't even walk, he was being carried. i was so scarred and worried for him. it was horrible. If he comes online later im going to see how he is....

after that, the mood was kind of ruined and we started to go home. it was only like 9. there for an hour and then i left.

on the positive side, i was a really cute cat...

yeah so thats about it,

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