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rere12389 (profile) wrote,
on 11-7-2004 at 8:51pm
Current mood: meh...
Music: The W's
Subject: my weekend...
well megan FINALLY decided to visit me this weekend. i don't think she could have picked a worse weekend to come if she tried. i was soo busy on saturday and not to mention in a really pissy mood. he parents were being retarded as always and wouldn't let her stay the night or see anyone BUT me because they thought we were gonna do something. right... i don't think they remember who i am or something. so yeah. all we did was go to my church function which would have been really fun if she wouldn't have decided to pick fights with all the black kids because "they're poor and shes soooo much better then them" gah...

anyways, i have rediscovered my love for swing music. *listens to the W's* i love Justin for burning me this cd!!! hes the coolest. haha.

~Albino Bob~
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