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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 11-7-2004 at 10:40pm
Current mood: tired/fine
Music: Marilyn Manson
Well, woke up, got things started and Amy picked me up, we picked Lenka up around 10:10 and we was on our way baby (I didn't go to sleep around 3-4) Make things short, got to town, the arcade was not open yet so we went to hastings, got me some devil ducks and a dead duck (so CUTE!) and then a Marilyn Manson mOBSCENE shirt hell yeah baby! Be obscene be be obscene, be obscene baby and not heard. ... Yeah.. went and played some DDR, BJ from that 40 minute way town was there.. remember, those guys we checked their ID's with? Yeah, him and the other guy Jeff, but jeff wasn't there... bj said he was mostlikely with his girl. But anyway, there was this other guy Michael with him, I wooped his ass in DDR, he had feel off the machine too right into that glass window, cut his elbow up ha ha dork I laughed my ass off xD poor guy. I wooped his ass, he didn't deserve to be on standard. But anyway, amy got some shrits and lenka got a jacket.. we also played that claw game with the stuff animals, i won 2 and amy got 3 and lenka got like 4 or 5 of those things xD ha ha it was fun. Left and ate a pizza and played some pool. left and went to wal mart and amy went and saw her mom while me and lenka shopped. Got me some spray gel, floss, and some chap stick stuff and a whole bunch of junk. Met up with amy and we continued to go down my list of shit. Bought mom a frying pan, and some butter and softener, got me some plasic cups and plates.. ah.. got 3 juices... umm... and we checked out and the lady thoguht we were college students living together.. ^^ cool. ... Ritsuko was there i said hi but when i came back she was gone so.. yeah... went home and.... i was putting in my eye rings i bought too.... and stuff and the phone rang a while later (i got home at like 6:40 or so) and... javier called. ... he said that jorden said he stole some tshit so now he isn't allowed at joeys or jorndens or anyones... ... i said that was bullshit.. so now he says he isn't allowed at alot of peoples houses because of hteir parents.. mothers i mean... ah.. so anyway i said for him to come over b ecause my parents were gone to the casino ... so he came and we walked to his house, i snuck out without my brother knowing and ... he got out his tatooing stuff and i freaked out but ehn calmed down and really looked at it and we walked back to my house to get me a clean needle and my parents got back. They let me go back over, so i did ... got the stuff ready over there.. i was just poking myself with the needle but i didn't break the skin. So I used his needle after i heated it up to de-germ it. so I drew blood and i didn't really hurt at all so I put some ink on it made a dot on my wrist and.. did 2 more into a triangle... .. a small one.. xD i have a tatoo... gaw... lol then i made a dot on him. God, that shits' addicting! I"m gonna fucking tatoo his ass, i'm gonna make up a design, indian ink is fun, i like poking him.
but yeah i'm tired.... god.. this shit really shows up on my white ass... gawwwww

No word from Brook...
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