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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2002 at 2:11pm
Current mood: Happy! :) :) :)
Music: WGRD
Yah! My weekend was great!
Friday, i went to Kevin's house w/ Jessi and Robby. Dusty and Sam were supposed to show up w/ the videocam but never showed...oh well. hahaha.
We goofed off the whole time, then later went to Robby's house and
Then Saturday i went dress shoppin' w/ Jess. We tried on like, 30 dresses.
I picked this one dress for her, and she got it, so we were both happy.
Then, that night was fun! :) :) :)
hehehe...yeah, that was fun, even though we were both tired. (My mom wasn't mad at me either.)... :)
oh yeah...this had to be the funniest thing, probably a "moment thing" though...
But, when we were gonna go back into the dressing rooms, and you know those 3-panel mirrors? Well, as she was going through the doors, i proceeded to go
"through" the mirrors..."whoa! whoa! whoa!" -that was my reaction as i bumped into the wall! dumb, huh. Yeah, and jess and i went crying (from laughing) into the room. hahaha :)
That was hilaryous.
Yeah, and today, mommy and i went on a shopping spree. Fun fun fun. I got some new clothes and some really good smelling coconut stuff...yum yum yum...
and that was my day so far. :)
Pretty good weekend!

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