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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 11-9-2004 at 4:56pm
Current mood: shaky
Music: Sugar Ray - When it's over
Subject: Omg
Okay so we had a class meeting after school and Sarah dropped me off afterwards. Well as soon as I got outta the car I heard tires squealin down on the road and crashin noises like, majorly. Well, I started yellin for Sarah to stop and I told her I thought Ben and Alan had wrecked so I went around the side of the house like with tears in my eyes cause ofcourse it's me, I thought of the worst. A lot of stuff ran through my mind...stuff you couldn't imagine would run through someones head in 15 seconds. I still had my books so I like threw em on the ground and mom came outside n was like u need to call 911 and I ran down the hill and saw Andy and Heather walkin across the road. Well Andy was goin down the hill before ya get to my house and his tire blew and he spun like 2 times and crashed into the hillside. His car is messed up pretty bad in the front...Heather cracked the windshield with her head so it's like all swollen n purple and she hurt her legs, but Andy was alrite cuz he had his seatbelt on. But Heather came up here with me and we called her family and they came and pulled the car outta the ditch. I am just so glad they are okay....ahh. So scary!! I'm still all shaky. I feel like it's my problem, I need to get over it right But yea, that keeps flashin in my head all the stuff I thought when I heard that noise...I Love You Ben & Alan!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay well i'm gonna go, i'll update y'all later! ~Shamarie~
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