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THEhairybeast (profile) wrote,
on 11-10-2004 at 11:07pm
Current mood: okay
Music: funeral for a friend -- storytelling
Subject: i wish it was how we planned
last update -- shits done. fixed.

okay this fuckin sucks. like 2 days ago my light bulb on the right side went out in my room. and now i think the left one is about to go out. im gonna be sittin here in the dark because i dont think we have anymore light bulbs. and the shitty thing is, i cant get the bulb out without dropping it and it breaking all over the floor.. cus well.. since my BED broke its like a foot lower.. anyhow. im sittin here watchin the midget.. and shes watchin country bears. oh yes lol. i cant believe that son of a bitch told him he was adopted hahahaha .. ' am i adopted?' mom: " well of course not hunnie" as the brother mouths "yes you are" and shakes his head. hahaha asshole.. ughhhhh this fuckin bitch keeps jumpin on the bed even though i say stop everytime.. wtf dont she get? .. haha. .. hmmm --

party info .. [ so far ]

dec 3-4 .. which is a friday and a saturday
im sure drinkin is fine....
sleepin over..duh
16th birthday bitches.. presents money stufff you knoww .. haha

i dont know times or anything

but my dad said.. if i dont find a way to pay for it myself then it doesnt happen bc we cant afford to put in..with movin and all. and were mad broke as it is.. =\ .. so pitch in.. or else we dont have if you dont help then either..dont bother comin cus it wont be no fun ..or itll be mad gay or just straightedge.. lol

and im doin chores and shit around the house and watchin my sister to get money and all of it is goin to the fuckin party. so i think some of yous could put up at least a dollar or two..anything helps. thanks youu

im goin to bed.. or somethin.. later

[ ha, mad gay update ]
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