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xsingxthexsorrowx (profile) wrote,
on 11-11-2004 at 1:16am
Current mood: drained
Music: marching band music...ugh....heh
Subject: um...yeah....update!
Hey it's me. I'm updating. OMyGawd! Yeah Marching Band is almost over, yes! not that i don't like it ,cuz i do, but geez, i have no life!Oh well. Anyways. Jessica and i have made quite the collection of inside jokes.yeah. I am unpleased to say that my intake of AFI music for the week is extremely low. For some odd reason i developed an odd taste for shaggy and blink-182. My older brother has an aaron carter cd...gross.My parents are watching the movie : White Chicks. i think that it looks dumb oh well. i say oh well a lot, oh well.Mar is online i think im going to IM her.Note to self : need my AFI pics for wallpaper. today while in the kitchen at lunch courtney and i had an interesting convo about my sisters friend Briana. i was just overlooking what i wrote and noticed...i hae terrible grammar on the computer,oh well...there i go again with the "oh well". oh! i almost for got...we got a new computer, yay! My sister Cindy is laughing like crazy it's annyoing. Hmm... update again l8er, but riight now it's off to the DF message boards for me!
Kimmy a.k.a Curly
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