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Brad (profile) wrote,
on 11-11-2004 at 12:02am
i finally got my license back. now im back on the road. except yesterday my car decided to bite the dust and not start for the whole damn day. but i had someone fix it. hopefully it wasnt a one time fix and it'll stop working again today. i really need to get it looked at and tuned up.

when i look at how everything is right between everyone...i think, wow, if our old selves from at least 2 years ago seen how we are now. they would kick the shit out of us for being so stupid. this group used to be all about friendship, we were the closest group of friends that nothing could split apart. i hate to look and realize how fucked up everything has gotten. one reason as to why things change so much...every year new people just invite themselves into the group. people that most everyone doesnt like, just because one person is friends with them...they're all of the sudden a huge deal in this group. i dont feel as if there is one big group anymore. now its seperate little groups secretly talking bad things about all of the other little groups. then some gang up and attack another group. i was part of what i thought was pretty much the origional group for the most part. a few new additions but thats ok, everyone got along. but now, shits just gotten worse over little things. i feel as though the members in my group(not saying its MY group) dont talk enough about their feelings towards eachother. and im a prime example of that, i fucked up. i know i did, but im doing now everything i can to repair this hole in our friendships. i feel as though the group is so busy talking shit about other people that we dont realize what we're turning into. we're not caring about true feelings, we're just worried about making fun or pissing off other people that really mean nothing to us. i dont want this group to fall apart. the group i consider myself a part of has a select few in it. the other people i accociate with are just friends, nothing more. and i dont want my true friends confused by that. but i know one thing, ive learned my lesson not to say something that shouldnt be said about people i know i dont want to lose. i will never find two more guys friends that i am so much alike. no one will ever compare to them. if i lose them, its my fault as of now. if there's anything i can do to get things normal, i will do it.

but now, im going to leave, think about what ive said. goodbye.
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