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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 11-13-2004 at :17pm
Current mood: tired/sick/tired
There was a school dance today.. Brook Brook Brook on my mind. Last night Nichole bought me some Barcardi Silver and I drove home a bit then she drived. I hide them one by one in the tall grass in our backyard field. ... today.. Javier walked me home... .. I picked one up, stuffed it in my bag, got inside and went to town with my father. Drove home and went late to the game. .. Lenka was Queen candidate... for the Juniors.. ... I drunk a drink on the way there... just before Lenka was to do whatever, like 20 minutes or so I was gonna walk with Jaiver to my house to get another drink then come back to see her... Justin was there... (Bethany was also at the homecomming game and they heard, her and her friend Jenny, Jose's old girlfriend, that he got beat up with a bunch of beer cans and had to leave town, but anyway ) Justin was there and said all Hi baby and to cut it short he gave us a ride there... to my house.. ... got a drink and downed it, stuck the bottles in some trees and walked back.. I was so buzzed already, I had to go pee so bad and after lenka walked, i went and bought feel down when i went to sit down on the pot man.. i was fucking buzzed... I .. I couldn't believe it... 2 bottles... .... I .. Brook.. the ENTIRE night he was on my fucking mind... I couldn't believe he liked feeling this way.. stayed and lenka could tell i was buzzin... walked her to her house and got ready for the home comming dance.. she wanted me to wear her shits but i said no.. so i had jeans on like everyone else and.. we went.. Javier was there... oh.. i never said anything about javier huh? his mom made him ask me to the dance kinda sorta.. but yeah.. this tatoo is drying out like hell.. umm.... ... got to the dance and.. sat by javier.. the speakers went out and blah blah finnaly lenka left. I told her it was gonna be gay.. but anyway, javier and i walked to my house again and it's fucking freezing cold.. i mean that wind was blowing and all kinds of shit... .. and.. he asked for another drink.. got one for him and one for me... fricking downed it and.. walked to his house... after sticking the bottles in another tree.. ... i .. was bout.. buzzing when i got to his house.. damn i can't hold alcohol.. .. got on his couch and was sick.. my chest hurt.. it did before too.. and i just felt so heavy and got warm and fuzzy and was just about to pass out, found out it was 11:46 i have to be home at 12 and have to walk back... ... umm.. anton picked us up after like fucking 3 blocks of walking .... so now i'm here.. and.. i got sick.. got 2 more bottles in the back yard.. got a party to go to tomorrow.. kylee's...... and.. brook.. i cannot believe he likes doing that... i guess it would be ok if i was home and knew i could crash.. but... having to walk and walk and be near teachers and this and that and..... i was.. fucked up.. falling down the walls.. i can remember it too.. i need some sleep though.. i'm okay now.. i got okay and then that 3rd one and now i'm okay.. javier called it weak.. he said 'oh yeah, girls drink weak' and.. in the car... .. when i said by to javier i almost kissed him... i patted him on the shoulder and got closed and said 'oooOoh i almost kissed you.... ha ha' and left... ... i'm going now...

.. Brook.. ... i miss him so fucking bad... ... ... ... bastard.. fucking bitch god...
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