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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 11-13-2004 at 4:40pm
Current mood: awake
Hello! Guess i'll tell ya bout my weekend so far! Last night Me, Jenn & Cody went to go see a movie that was rated R and Sarah was goin with someone too and we were gonna get their tickets cause they weren't 18 but those dumb people wouldn't let us in cause we were 16 so we saw The Grudge. Everyone but me and Cody was scared. We saw Heather, Troy, Brittany and Burton there and like none of them got scared either. After the movie we came back to my house. Cody stayed here for awhile and Jenn stayed the night. Last nite was wonderful.......<3 yep. Jenn went home around 11 today to go to town and when she comes home I guess ima be goin over to her home to stay the nite. Okay well she just called me so i'm gonna go. Talk to y'all later!! Bye~Bye!
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