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squishylover (profile) wrote,
on 11-13-2004 at 10:06pm
Current mood: Bouncy, happy, awesome!
Music: Avenue Q soundtrack....thank you broadway.
Subject: Grab your dicks and double click! Porn, porn, porn!
Wow I had an awesome weekend. On Friday I spent the night at Ambers. We went to this girls house in Lake Worth (where I happened to know her brother) But we went to the Lake Worth bon fire, it was so fun. I made new friends. We danced and just did good stuff. I played GTA San Andres, good game. We attempted to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but we were really tired. Ambers brother Aerin came in at around 11:30 after we semi-fell asleep 15 mins earlier and was evil flickering the light on and off. He had a friend with him and they were going to go fun. Today we went to Bullards Halo 2 awesome. It's such a great game. We had 3 consoles hooked up and we were all fighting each other. I killed one person! and he was one of the gods of Halo. I got killed so many times it made me laugh. Around 7 we went outside and played football in the street and the cops came cause we got a complaint for being to loud which was crap. But I had an awesome time. It's what I've been needing a good time to go out with friends. I didn't think about Ryan all weekend, I think I am now really getting over him, not just thinking it. I know the Betty thing will still bug me...but I'm doing ok now. I'm happy. Kevin is so cute. (the spitznagel) He's such a dork but it's ok. We were having a burpingish contest. I know how lady like right? It was pointless fun. Alright I'm gonna get ready for bed.

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