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Brad (profile) wrote,
on 11-15-2004 at 7:12pm
listen, there's shit i need to say. the shit with jay, its between me and him. i shouldnt have said anything, if i didnt, i wouldnt feel like such a shitty friend. i understand why he's upset with me, i deserve it. but now, everyone is talking shit about me. i dont deserve that. i dont see why there is anyone but jay bringing me down. i know i did some shit i shouldnt have done, and i regret it. but everyone should just keep out of it. now, i dont trust anyone. i cant. if you're my friend and you honestly havent said a thing about me, then maybe i can still be your friend. but otherwise, i want nothing to do with you. i want best friends. i the couple people i had, all i can do is be loyal to them now. if there's even a chance. but i just want to know who my friends are. thats all. and if you are my friend, be happy for me, dont doubt me. my past is nothing more than my past now. gah, im losing my train of thought now...thats all i guess. bye.
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