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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 11-16-2004 at :11pm
Current mood: tired
Subject: Late night
Yea! right now i'm lookin for a CD player for my car. Ben just left and now i'm jus talkin to Cody. School sucks. I HATE IT! Only 4 days til break...<3 that's good though. Wednesday is gonna be pretty cool. Raven's havin a party thing in 1st and in 4th. Then after school I think Jenn's gonna come over so we can go to church. It's been awhile since i've been on Weds. night...I guess I should get back inta the habit. Anyways, Chemistry class (as Mrs.Matheny would say...haha) makes me crazy. I can't stand it!! But I must say that todays work wasn't nearly as complicated as the previous. I actually halfway understood. But I know it's gonna get worse. I'm prayin I pull off a B in there. If not I have to take it again before I can get inta tech. Which majorly sucks! But yea, I really wanna go shoppin. I need some sweaters, jeans, scarves and more. Err, I know mom won't take me though. She will say "Shama, all you do is want, want, want" LoL. Well, I have nothin else to say so this was pretty much a pointless update. Just a 5 minute cure for Talk to y'all later! <3~Shama
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