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Brad (profile) wrote,
on 11-16-2004 at 6:49pm
Current mood: Bored Bored Bored
Music: Skid Row - Remember Yesterday
Subject: Not another rant, it's ok.
Bored as fuck. well, for the past few days i've been stranded here in the apartment. no gas to get anywhere. no money to buy anything..nothing. i just sit my ass on this computer, listen to music and play halo2 and thats about it, oh and i watch lots of movies. wish i had some friends to come visit me. heh, anyway, i figured, its too hard to hold together a band with all the needed members. so now, im looking to start an acoustic band. i think its a pretty good idea. but yeah if you know anyone or you yourself are interested, get a hold of me. i thought it might also be cool to have like a girl sing in it too, that might be rad, but i dont know. just hit me with some idea's people. well, im going to talk to nate probably tonight about having a Halo2 party this weekend. see what he thinks, then ill post it and whoever wants to come can come. we'd set up a few tv's and get some more copies of halo together. but yeah, tell me if you're interested. i'd like it to be like the one's i used to have at my old house. with everyone just killing eachother and having an awesome time. so thats what i think about that. ill catch you all on the flipside..

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