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thetheories (profile) wrote,
on 11-16-2004 at 9:26pm
Current mood: goodness gracious could you please notice me alrea
Music: big dismal. totally aol radio.
Subject: hey all.
mondays aren't too great, and i realized that this morning.. and then i realized that its tuesday! i love that, when you forget what it is. hahah. like mini-summer feeling. So day... what did we do... ah, yes. ASTINANCE VIDEO! homeroom. ppsssh. they definately should have charged admission for that one. it was so funny. but at the same time i don't see where a public school gets off telling kids not to have sex. I definately believe in a safe sex talk.. but public school really shouldn't be like... no sex... it's bad! but hey whatev... im not into sex. lol. whatev... the funnest way to say w/e. L O L : ) okay so whatelse was there.... ? english we had another sub.. realized that abbby still likes dave and wants to go out with him again... unfortunately, she was shut down. ooooh damn! lol. bio... of course i looked like a nerd-o and a half infront of ryan. i don't know why he has that effect on me. he just comes off as... so laid back and way cool you feel "intimindated" (psh hahahaha. joshua!) okay before i go on i think i need to tell you something about the cooless of the west family.-- kevin is the oldest. he's in his 20's.. in college, a speech judge... mad cool right? haven't reallyt talked to him.
ryan--gorgous! in my bio class. generally awesome. He heads up Timothy's Stand with seirra. totally Christ centered kid. i think thats extremely attractive. ; )
josh- my age. cutie but too shortie lol. no, josh is nice but i feel like he feels restrained by his brother over bearing religiousness. i dunno thats just my phsyco-babble anaylsis crap talking.
jenny- 7th grade little sister. josh made up this elaborate story about how i told her i liked ryan when i was helping her with band. only problem is that i never met her and i know i wouldn't go babbling about liking her brother in front of her. . . josh, what a card. im just joooking. lol.

okay enough of that. yesterday i hate to fill out a form for career day and i realized that i really have no idea what i want to do. I mean i really wanted to be a band director but im quiting band so i guess that;s kinda done. i just feel like without clarinet im nothing. that's my "thing" that's what i do... and now i don't have that. or at least i won't soon. so i signed up for journalism becuase i guess i could be a writer. but i think i might be cool to be a therapist... i dunno. might to straighten out my own issues first right? lol. so any suggestions for a career? hit up the posts.
speech- going well. brianna and i are definately butting heads a bit lately . infact, she sent me this grusome email about how poorly we did on saturday. i was a bit snippy with her at practice today... so im not helping making the situation any less uncomfortable. . . i just cannot wait to be in a solo event. I think im going into S.O.S (special occasion speaking) you take serious topic and toss some humor in. sarcasm... its a subtle art. I have to miss the next timothy's stand because i have a big novice tournament... nerves. soo yeah!!
ooh i also realized that chris is okay.and dennis is a cool cat. ellens coming over tommorrow. updates later!!

liz<--ryan:i thought vancouver island was somewhere int he baltic sea?
me: do you know where the baltic sea is?
ryan:no, by california right?
me:ryan, thats the PACIFIC OCEAN!
ryan: you look at me like that again and ill stab this pen through your face woman!
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