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hiei (profile) wrote,
on 11-18-2004 at 6:13am
Current mood: content
Music: Who needs the Qwik-E-Mart?
Subject: What a day.
What a day what a day. Yesterday early in the morning I caught up on the whole internet thing. Found out a few things.. Kurama's a dirty republican (haa,) Yusuke is no longer a Yusuke, my sister just got out of the mental ward, and on the bright side.. Betty is back in the game. Makes me proud to understand his typing and see him some what happy. Soon after all that, I e-mailed Renee saying I'd e-mail her later. Then I went to class which is now at the VERY FAR AND HARD TO REACH library. I hate taking the train. Anywho, we're reading Interview with the Vampire. It's kind of boring so far but I think it will get better. After class I went to the laundry mat. Our buildings washer is broken and all. I washed a few things.. Mostly socks. I went home, ate, and dropped off my books and laundry. Then I went to work and worked.. Which is always a treat. Afterwards I went home, changed and went to kendo. Oh, did I mention I'm starting Tai Chi on Sundays? Well I am. My mom's been working more lately so I've been having to pick up my brother from school every now and then on my lunch break.. (Thus the reason I eat at home.) Riyus got a girlfriend and.. That's that. Peace, love, and porn to all. (y-.-)y
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