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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 11-18-2004 at 3:56pm
Music: i melt
so yeha... everythign fucking sucks.. i hate school i HATE IT!.. once agian i am the slut of the school..
having sex with justin..
giving head to spencer..
what more?
peopel are saying me and spencr did all this stuff. and they are saying all this stuff about justin..
why cant peopel get a life and fucking come to me first.
i fucking hate all the sophomores! they look at me soo crazy when i wore the juniors shirt, but fuck it! i fucking hate the c/o 07. all they are, are stupid bitches who cant mind their own fucking business. THEY WONDER WHY IWORE A JUNIORS SHIRT!!!!!!
me and audrey talked about alot after school because i almost started crying in her car.. i was just so.. blah.. out of it.. and i didn tcar.e.
ive just felt like shit.. i dont know what to do.. ive neglected to write in this journal. i dont know.. i kinda like it when people leave me comments but then i get the rude people who print it off and show the world... so i just odnt know..
life is just so crazy. you have no idea..
i just want to cry..
ive been wanting to cry..
i just dont get why life has to suck so bad..
i want god in my life more.
i want him.. i want to go to church but my mom never goes and my dads always working and i dont want to ask someone to take me..
maybe i can walk there.. its not like its far.. i need to walk anyway..
i guess..
i feel like crying os i think im going to in a littl ebit..
love alwyas
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